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Meanwhile, as much as 35 million tons of toxic waste continues to be improperly disposed of every year, and, charges one environmental watchdog group, another year and a half may pass before the EPA puts proper regulations into force.

There may be as many as 34,000 seriously hazardous waste dumps spotted about the country.

Karen looked from a back window one morning in October 1974, noting with distress that the pool had suddenly risen two feet above the ground. Karen then had no way of knowing that this was the first sign of what would prove to be a punishing family and economic tragedy. Schroeder believed that the cause of the uplift was the unusual groundwater flow of the area.

Twenty-one years before, an abandoned hydroelectric canal directly behind their house had been backfilled with industrial rubble.

Love’s dream, however, proved grander than his resources, and he was eventually forced to abandon the project after a mile-long trench, ten to forty feet deep and generally twenty yards wide, had been scoured perpendicular to the Niagara River. Few of those who, in 1977, lived in the numerous houses that had sprung up by the site were aware that the large and barren field behind them was a burial ground for toxic waste.

Nothing could stop the chemical smell from permeating the entire household, and neighborhood calls to the city for help were fruitless.

One day, when Edwin punched a hole in the wall to see what was happening, quantities of black liquid poured from the block. Although they later learned they were in imminent danger, Aileen and Edwin Voorhees had treated the problem as a mere nuisance.

The falls attract long lines of newlyweds and other tourists.

At the same time, the river provides cheap electricity for industry; a good stretch of its shore is now filled with the spiraled pipes of distilleries, and the odors of chlorine and sulfides hang in the air.

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A magnificent river—a strait, really—connecting Lake Erie to Lake Ontario flows hurriedly north, at a pace of a half-million tons a minute, widening into a smooth expanse near the city before breaking into whitecaps and taking its famous 186-foot plunge.