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Ali hortacsu dating

Low levels of self-disclosure were generally preferred in choosing for the fictitious dater, although these preferences differed by gender, education, and ethnic background.

Results were discussed in terms of theories of computer-mediated communication.

A potential problem arises if the site users strategically shade their true preferences.(ii) Men and women have a strong preference for similarity along many (but not all) attributes.

We estimate mate preferences using a novel data set from an online dating service.

(ii) Men and women have a strong preference for similarity along many (but not all) attributes.

(iii) In particular, the site users display strong same-race preferences.

By 2003, the most recent year the question was asked, acceptance had increased to 77%.

An e-mail with strong emotional words (e.g., excited, wonderful) led to more positive impressions than an e-mail with fewer strong emotional words (e.g., happy, fine) and resulted in nearly three out of four subjects selecting the e-mailer with strong emotional words for the fictitious dater of the opposite sex.

Results for self-disclosure e-mails were complex, but indicate that levels of self-disclosure led to different impressions.

Traditional dating relationships that might take months to develop in the real world, take weeks or even days online.

Much has been written about cyber-dating, but little research has been done.

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Olin Junior Faculty Fellowship, and the National Science Foundation, SES-0449625 (Hortaçsu).

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