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Britney gastineau dating

“I can’t figure it out, because he’s a very jealous type,” she says, sitting in the living room of the Huntington, N. “I can’t see him with any person who has a past—and God, she has a past!

He married me when I was 19, and he was jealous of boys I went out with when I was 17.

Taking a shine to what she saw, Brigitte—in accepted nouveau Hollywood fashion—soon had her people calling his. “He called me up the first week in February and said, ‘Can you keep a secret? He said Brigitte had been pursuing him through his agent and he didn’t know what to make of it. Mark, no mean specimen (he was once considered for the Dolph Lundgren part in Rocky IV), made a suitable impression on Brigitte. Paying a visit to Manhattan’s Cafe Society one evening, Gastineau reportedly carried Nielsen around on his shoulder while she removed her blouse (a camisole was underneath).

“He lives for that.” While Lisa claims she isn’t envious (“This rivalry business is bull.

I’m way past that”), she’s “really surprised” that Mark and Brigitte are together.

The scene: a quiet country road in Denmark, about 40 miles from Copenhagen.

A pair of humongous lovebirds comes flitting down the path, unable to keep their hands or lips off each other. He’s a quarterback’s nightmare—265 lbs., 6’5″, a full seven inches taller than Sly, a man Gitte can, at last, look up to.

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According to Lisa, the Gastineaus’ daughter, Brittny, feels slighted by the love games. She said, ‘My daddy doesn’t love me—he loves Brigitte.’ ” No such problems can be found in Denmark, according to Gitte.