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However, he soon gets a nasty surprise as love proves to be quite very strong, even in death itself.

An insurance agent (Kevin Kilner) kills his obnoxious client (Don Hood) in a plot to take his money and his wife (Kim Delaney).

He finally gains over the woman's affections, only to regret his choice after the woman's obsessive love and their torrid affair becomes too much for him to take and handle.

Also starring Kathleen Freeman as the next door neighbor.

He soon finds out however that this will be quite very difficult for him when someone (Michael Ironside) shows up to blackmail him for the murder.

A greedy rock promoter (Lee Arenberg) plans to run off with all of the donation money that was raised and accumulated from within a series of "Save the Amazon Rainforest" charity benefit concerts, but things unexpectedly get complicated when it turns out that his hearing problems were nothing more than his own hidden conscience (voiced by Sam Kinison).

After a series of weird and bizarre monster attacks, an attractive policewoman (Cynthia Gibb) interrogates the cartoonist, believing that he is somehow making his stories come true.

Upon getting rid of the body, she is unexpectedly attacked by a hideous escaped mental patient (Larry Drake) dressed as Santa Claus who has been going around killing women.

A tabloid news show host (Morton Downey, Jr.) and his camera crew investigate an abandoned house which is allegedly haunted by the ghost of a woman who had killed seven men.

The host and the crew get more than they bargained for when a chain of supernatural happenings indeed begin taunting and haunting them. A 12-year-old young orphan is adopted by a rich childless couple (William Frankfather and Grace Zabriskie) who harbor a dark secret.

She soon realizes that her own young daughter is in complete danger from within the horrific situation.

A carnival daredevil (Joe Pantoliano) is buried alive for his grand finale.

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