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Dating an emotional person

I know God saved me, He couldn't stop what happened but He did perfectly line up each individual after the attack who had a hand in saving my life. Through my faith I learned to accept, forgive, and move on.I realized I was given a voice for those who are too afraid to speak or no longer have the chance because their abuser succeeded in taking their life.It’s a really difficult place to be in when you really like your boyfriend or girlfriend but don’t like the way they treat you.Red Flags Natalie’s boyfriend is mean, makes fun of her and calls her names. When a boyfriend or girlfriend embarrasses you, humiliates you, puts you down or makes you feel guilty all the time, it can be really hurtful and damaging.There’s no excuse for anyone to use anger or emotional abuse to get what they want, and it’s never your fault if they do.It’s Like My Relationship If you feel you might be in an unhealthy relationship, remember there is no reason to feel any shame. We hear from smart and successful people all the time. You might think that if you just change the way you are that you can fix the relationship — but sometimes no matter what you do, the other person won’t change. You have the right to be in a safe and healthy relationship and the right to end an unhealthy one.

When I was in high school, no one spoke about dating violence and if they had, I firmly believe I would have never gone through what I did.

I felt my shackles of shame and fear release and I could safely end the relationship. 19 stabs to my head, neck, and face; 13 stabs to my hands and arms in an attempt to defend myself.

After three months of peace and healing, Robert began calling me repeatedly in the middle of the night. He was crying and said, "After all we have been through, I just need closure to move on after the terrible end to our relationship." He promised to leave me alone forever if I just met him for a hug. Two teens nearby heard me screaming, attempted to intervene, and called 911. Once Robert believed he succeeded in taking my life, he drove away and attempted suicide.

It may not be easy to break up with a controlling partner, so contact us if you want to talk about it.

It’s Like My Friend’s Relationship It’s hard to know how to support a friend in an unhealthy relationship, but remember that listening to your friend, believing them and refraining from bad-mouthing their partner will show you care.

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I was airlifted to the hospital where I flat-lined four times, received twelve units of blood, suffered a stroke in my cerebellum, had a fractured skull, nose, and jaw with missing teeth, facial paralysis, stabbed larynx, and was severely beaten.

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