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Street Fighter II hit like a meteor (or, if you insist, an undefended Hadouken) and sent every company scrambling to make their own one-on-one fighting games.: Gekito Tenkaichi Budokai offers 28 familiar characters in a fighting game, with power-ups and bonus fighters enabled by a Datach card reader attached to the Famicom.If so, they probably didn't shell out for its robot-Goku cabinet. Gaiden: Saiyajin Zestumetsu Keikaku (above), serving as both a cliff-notes rundown and strategy guide for the game's events.Gaiden never saw an official translation, but Western audiences would get the : Raging Blast 2 in 2010. Game companies stood convinced that players wanted nothing more than long, grainy video clips interrupted by the occasional button press.The Playdia's unfortunate library of games, published almost entirely by Bandai, subsisted on educational software and full-motion-video titles based on popular franchises like into a marginally interactive game.The player watches footage, picks an option (often choosing where to punch), and then watches even more footage.

Goku also became one of the few characters to return in a starring role for the sequels, 1991's Famicom Jump II and 1993's Game Boy-exclusive Cult Jump.

At the very least, its look aged much better than digitized video clips.

One curiosity of RPGs there in 1995, continuing the dormant Gokuden series.

The barcode craze was familiar ground to Bandai, but Gekito Tenkaichi Budokai was their first attempt at uniting One could easily dismiss Super Butoden as a middling fighter.

It offers little over a dozen playable characters, it's assembled with TOSE's usual workmanlike approach, and it confuses players by mimicking long-distance fights with a split screen. appeared with both conventional controls and motion-sensing inputs, and the 3DO home console eyed it for a port that never came to be.

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American kids would know the Terebikko as the See 'N Say Video Phone, minus any anime games.