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The website that is full of ex fabswinging members.

Here is a testimonial from one of our members who recently moved over from fabswingers.

Are you hoping to meet some fabswingers in your local area?

Many of you might have already heard of the famous swinging site fabswingers, which is, why you probably just typed this in; the question is, have you heard of mature fabswingers.

Over the last few years, I have noticed that fewer people message me back after I message them and not only that but the people who message back just seem to want to chat.

Of course, the older women are going to like this, as now they can get the younger man.

In many ways, it’s always been a thing for men to like younger women and in turn, younger women like older men. However, the flip side to this notion when it comes to dating is the older women going after the younger men and vice versa.

As more and more people use dating sites in general, the millennials are sure to transform the market, as the majority of them learn to get their dates this way as they grow up.

It’s the norm now, and one thing for sure, guys sometimes have a thing for older women.


This doesn’t mean that the guys have to date women that are their grandma’s age, but there are granny dating sites as well.

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  1. The first part is already written, but not online yet. The intention is to make it a sort of walk-through with some general advice on how to make a VN/Dating Sim and focus on how to use the DSE.