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Powered by phpbb india dating

I have a nice Manton hammerless sidelock with intercepting sears. Webley action says Birmingham to me but there is the proofs from London?

A friend is a Ferlack trained gunmaker and told me it is an extremely well made gun. Hi Allen, The best Webleys were proved in London and sent to the London showroom for sale, W & C Scott did the same.

Thank you John, That makes sense Perhaps it came back from India and got restocked.

The interior inletting of the locks was done by someone who really took pride in their work and had considerable skill.

So far people either do not say anything or apologise immediately once I correct them.according to my experience and one of the article in free metro newspaper and the article in Irish Times...is still not that common and not easily acceptable in Irish world if Indian or brown skin or black skin man hanging out or married with Irish girl........

My experience: I was in a pub and I saw a brown skin man chating with Irish girl (most probably), and there were few Irish boys who mis-behaved with that guy .....there are couple of more incidents I heard in my last 10 years of living in Ireland Metro newspaper : Irish girl expressed her concern the way she have been abused by Irish men on streets couple of times saying, "can you not find Irish man?

In the last 6 six years that we have lived in Ireland, I have never had anybody even remark on our relationship. When I visit my parents though there are times when guys on the street make a comment because we are walking together, not holding hands or anything just walking, but on the whole I am pretty resilient to such things.

As for family, it took me many years to convince my parents to let me marry him. Their only problem which continues to be is the language barrier.

In Ireland is perfectly acceptable in India people still are hesitant to accept but of course they don't say anything to you.

Of course you are right, not many guns come back from India in good condition due to the heat and humidity, hence the lack of serial numbers and dates. I have a Manton & Co 1909 catalogue and there is one gun in there that fits.

I have scanned the page and as soon as I find out how to put up images on this new forum I'll post it.

People generalises based on their experiences.......

This development is paralleled by a similar change of direction in evolutionary thinking, and in both cases it seems likely that the impetus is being largely propelled by the discovery of the erectus specimen KNM - WT 15000 in Africa in 1984.

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I am married to an Irish man from the last 5 years, nobody in Ireland like our friends and family have any problems with it and even my family and friends in India have no problems.