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In his 1921 book New Mathematical Pastimes, Mac Mahon published some of the first material to treat edgematching puzzles with mathematical rigor.That work also discusses his 3-D puzzle Colored Cubes, first introduced in a lecture he gave in 1893.It is evident in Haubrich's Compendium that these shapes comprise the majority of tile shapes used in existing edgematching puzzles. Grandpa's head must always be upright on every card, so the cards cannot be rotated.Rectangles have also been used, as have octagons (allowing empty areas). Jacques says this is the first example of a corner dismatching puzzle. The Besco Soap Puzzle - from the Beaver Soap Company of Dayton Ohio.The Ultimate Puzzle (4x4 square tiles) The Ultimate Puzzle Two (3x3 right triangle tiles) Both designed by Lee Willcott of Estonia.The original version has square tiles - each side has a cutout or tab, in one of four shapes: an "in" arrow, an "out" arrow, a cross, or an oval.

For example, "piece features at specific points (e.g.

According to Haubrich, and to Slocum and Botermans in their 1986 book Puzzles Old and New, the first edge-matching puzzle patent was applied for in 1880 by Edwin Lajette Thurston of Cleveland, Ohio (b.1857 in MA, d.1921) and granted in 1892 - see 487798; also see 1893's 490689. For a precursor to the edge-matching puzzle, using triangular tiles like "Triominoes," see U. He never uses the word "puzzle" - he describes a number of games but none come close to being a puzzle.

In Hoffmann's 1893 Puzzles Old and New, the only edge-matching type puzzles mentioned are #72 in chapter IV "The Royal Aquarium Thirteen Puzzle" (equivalent to the French Le Nombre Treize), and #18 in chapter III "The Endless Chain" (equivalent to the French La Chaine sans Fin).

I've organized my example puzzles by tile shape: The Thurston design was used by Calumet ca. In the Calumet Puzzle, one must match not just the proper color edges, but also the corresponding top and bottom halves of the baking powder cans. Form a 3x3 grid such that there are four different colors in each circle at the corners, and two different colors in each half-circle.

I solved the Calumet puzzle using a variant of my Drive Ya Nuts technique. There must also be a different color at each of the four corners of the grid.

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Chelona Pocket Puzzle - Cats A nine-square edge matching puzzle from Chelona in Greece. Novel packaging - an extra backing tile has an attached elastic cord to enclose the stacked tiles. Eternity II employs 256 square tiles to be arranged in a 16x16 grid, which must have a gray border and a particular tile at a given "starting" position.