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Screen sci-fi (and space opera) is often about big ideas, character arcs, and genre tropes, while print sci-fi (hard science fiction) echoes more from the cutting edge science itself.Some critics have said that space opera stories could easily be recast as westerns if you took away the ships, lasers, aliens, and bounty hunters and replaced them with horses, pistols, natives, and banditos. Regardless, science fiction in all its forms looks at what’s ahead for humanity.

And between you and me, those are the sort of folks I wouldn’t mind hanging out with.really trying to get into this game and the ones like it but they are so hard, i keep going around in circles, would be much better if some hints were given as too what to do next, love the story and graphics though I don´t want a gift Knock on the door I am glad Go to the kitchen Visit the living room Sit and watch TV Nuzzle her neck Finish nuzzling and go back to the kitchen Have a drink and go back to hallway Suggest going out Let´s go buy Have a drink Go to the room Enter wardrobe How about something Go back to the hallway Suggest visit the park Compliment her beautifull face and kiss her Go back home Go outside Jump into the water (with clothes) Let her get changed Go back to the swimming pool Jump into the water Take off her top Help her undress Kiss her breast Explore the lawn (or just go to batroom and finish Suggest nude sunbathing (rub her back) This game was awsome played more than once, but kinda hard. Could have used better graphics but still enjoyable.I definetly reccomed this game and all the other virtual date games.I have tried the walkthroughs every time you suggest something you get shot down at least the first game worked properly Crystal is one of my favorite virtual date girls!!! nuzzel her neck, finish watching tv, go in kitchen drink, go out buy alchohol, go back, drink again, go outside, go to lawn area, take photo topless, don`t sunbath, go to pool, let her swim, get out go inside, to bedroom, jump on bed, answer first question!! the jpeg here at playforceone links to an external site (, where it was recommended that I use Firefox (I do), and when I tried to play the game there, I got a 404 not found error.It is a good game (good graphis, challenging and sexy) but i feel the first one was more interesting and fun... I have tried this game a few times, something must be wrong somewhere, I can`t really do anything.

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Good game play need more defined areas for her options which would eliminate some of the confusion I suppose. This makes the game short, easy, and have low replay value. I don`t know if I`m doing something wrong, the reason why I am saying this is because instead of a game, which in my definition means something that is playable, all I get is a screen that says "Hello null.

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