Was it intimidating working with alan rickman

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Was it intimidating working with alan rickman

He collected an Emmy for playing a darkly seductive Rasputin in a TV movie, and was the literal voice of God as the angel Metatron in Kevin Smith’s satirical comedy -esque series, a role in which Rickman both mocked his big-screen career and transcended it by giving one of his most memorable performances.

In 2001, he was cast as Professor Snape in the eight-film Harry Potter series, playing another definitive villain for a younger generation.

It was just one work in a lifetime of political activism (he was a card-carrying member of the British Labour Party).

At the other end of the spectrum, when he wrapped the Harry Potter series he wrote a note praising the arc of the films and reminiscing on having watched their young actors grow up over 12 years.

But it was his intimidating portrayal of villains that made his mark on Hollywood.

The man with the most expressive face in showbusiness (not counting Jim Carrey, but nobody counts Jim Carrey) was a post graduate graphic design student at the RCA in the late 1960s and worked on issues #45 and #46 (19) of the journal as the copy editor.

He also wrote articles in each one – an interview with Jim Haynes and a piece called where he spent a day as a supervisor in a children’s play park.

Three years later, he played another iconic villain—the Sheriff of Nottingham—with much more theatrical flair, and won a BAFTA for it.

“I’ll take this as a healthy reminder that subtlety …

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