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With only 4 episodes in, these days she’s coming to grips with her ex-boyfriend/baby-daddy, Peter Gunz, exposing his cheating ways Monday nights on VH1.

Indeed, regardless she keeps on concentrating on and sharpen her art.🤔😵 The reality that this is a fact may be sad, but I’m not sad about it. that’s the great thing when you can learn to accept things as they are and also, when you don’t need nobody to be happy 😉 twitter.com/dixondicksin/s…Taranasha Wallace, is born on December 30, 1982, was brought up in a residential area of Mississippi and moved to NYC to seek after her fantasy of acting.Apart than the bizarre relationship appeared on TV, very few more thinks about Tara’s own life.Tara has two kids from his former boyfriend Peter Gunz but the relationship apart of the arrangement is loaded with bits of gossip and beliefs.

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